Investment rationale

Emisys Capital intends to address the structural financial needs of target enterprises stemming from:

  • The completion of acquisitions or the implementation of other strategies aimed at accelerating growth (building of new plants, market new entry, new product launches, etc.).
  • The need to rebalance undercapitalized financial structures, which could otherwise limit the development of a business.
  • The decision of one or more shareholders to sell their equity stakes, for instance within the framework of a succession process or as a consequence of diverging interests.

In addition to providing financial resources, Emisys Development plans to support portfolio enterprises through:

  • Defining and implementing development strategies (e.g. support in seeking out investment targets).
  • Fine-tuning of corporate governance processes.
  • Identifying and introducing managerial resources, with specific regard to the Finance, Administration & Control areas.
  • Streamlining of the capital-base.
  • Researching of additional financial resources for extraordinary projects.